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Medjool Dates

Premium Quality - Expertly Produced

Superior Product

Thinning.  Date clusters hanging from the palms are thinned by hand which reduces the number of dates per cluster but yields a better-quality product

Harvest.  Pickers make 4—5 passes on each palm to pick only the fruit that is ready, rather than a typical 2-3 pass.  This is done in order to minimize puffy skin.
Optimized humidity levels.  18-22% target humidity.  Our dates are moist with soft caramel-like eating quality!

Yoga Practice

Calyx removal 


Calyxless. The calyx is removed when the dates are super soft so it comes away easily.  No calyx = a better eating experience for consumers.

Product handling.  Everything is graded and packed by hand


4 Step Process

There are 4 checks for perfection.

Pesticide-free requires careful attention from the palm trees to the palm of our consumers.

Field: check by pickers during harvest
Pre-sort: while checking for humidity levels, sorters are also checking for damage
Packhouse: random lots checked 
USDA: random checks at the border.  1000-1200 individual pieces on average checked per 20 pallets. This inspection is required for all Mexico dates crossing to the USA, whether for domestic or export. Zero tolerance for key date issues - so we can be confident this is a very clean product.

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